Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil 5 mL

  • Plant Therapy sandalwood Australian essential oil (INCI ingredients: Santalum spicata wood Oil) sandalwood Australian has a smooth, sweet earthy, woodsy aroma that is extremely pleasant. It hails from Australia and is steam distilled from the wood of the sandalwood tree. It's been used for centuries to help calm the mind, eliminate tension and soothe inflamed skin. It's a popular oil to use during meditation and at night for its ability to relax the body. Sandalwood Australian is 100% pure, undiluted, KidSafe and therapeutic-grade.

    it’s calming, soothing properties are great for your skin too. If you suffer from acne or dry, ruddy skin then you'll love sandalwood Australian. For topical application to the face dilute to 1%. combine 6 drops of sandalwood Australian with 2 teaspoons of your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil to create a warm massage blend.

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